Have I told you lately that I love estate sales?

And then there was that estate sale that made me want to blog again. 

Have I told you lately that I love estate sales? Have I told you there is no other thrifting experience above them? They fill my heart with gladness. They take away all my sadness. They ease my blogging drought, that's what they do.  [rod]

Estate sales can be sad, because nine times out of ten they follow a death. While some may find it morbid to walk through another person's home and buy their stuff after they are gone, I feel otherwise.  I think of it as a way to honor that person, to learn a little bit about the life they lived and give their cherished belongings new life.

With that said, I dedicate this post to a woman whose home was filled with little treasures. From one of her family members I learned that she never married, never had children. She mastered the crafts of crochet and embroidery. There were seriously stacks and stacks of beautiful handmade goodies. There was a box of beautiful squares crocheted for a blanket, but never joined. I was so tempted to buy them all and finish her project.

If I told you about all of the amazing items I saw (antique jewelry, vintage glassware, etc) this post would go on forever. Instead, check out what I bought - 1. mini embroidered hand mirror, 2. pendant necklace with bird, 3. piece of her intricate embroidery, 4. watch. All items, $5!

Do you love estate sales?


  1. Great finds! I love all the pieces!


  2. I've really missed your blog! I hope you'll start up again (no pressure though). Love the bird pendant.

  3. i wish i cant find those in antique jewelry phoenix. those are really wonderful. thanks for posting.