Retro Owl Trivets $1 and $2

I was not familiar with the word 'trivet' before I bought these guys.  I sent my best girl a picture of one and she said, "my grandma had that trivet".  I was like "oh, word".

These owls came from two different sales in two different cities and were purchased 5 months apart.  I was not on the hunt for trivets, but I'm glad they appeared.  They liven up my stovetop and act as perfect teapot hot plates for my evening couch-side tea parties.

If you dig 1970's / 1980's retro trivets, there are a boat load on Etsy.

Here's where I found mine.


The larger of my two owl trivets was purchased at the Piedmont Community Church Treasure Sale for $2.  I found out about this sale from a Google Alert. From what I remember, the name "Treasure Sale" was pretty darn accurate. Multiple large rooms were stuffed with items and they were separated by departments so it was easy to navigate. Prices were fair. I bought a wallet and a belt as well.  This is a photo of the room where I found the trivet. FUN!


I found this little guy a few blocks from my place. The garage sale was awesome, because I got the impression it was the first time they cleaned out their home in 30 years, in other words, COOL OLD STUFF!  Plus, they were eager to sell so items were priced low. It doesn't get much better than that.  

I saw this box from afar and thought "oh boy, oh boy"! There was no price, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I asked the sweet older gentleman running the sale what he wanted for it and his reply was, "What do you want to pay"?  This situation always makes me nervous, because I don't want to offend by lowballing. I honestly didn't want to pay more than $2 so I blurted out $1 and he accepted. 

Do you own a trivet? What kind? 


  1. soooo glad to see you posting again!!! I've missed you and often wondered if you were okay.

  2. Aw, thanks! I'm glad to be back. Thanks for your concern! ;)

  3. Hi Jessica,
    i found your blog when searching thrifting last weekend. I am impressed with your finds! I also see that you have recently resumed blogging and I would like to encourage you to continue!

    As I scrolled down through some older posts, I noticed that you mentioned Value World, a store near and dear to the heart of my family, and then DAV, which we just discovered this summer! Are you in the Detroit Metro area as well?

    The owl trivits are darling! Keep on blogging, please!

  4. good grief, these are AMAZING.

    i wonder if we have these in england, hmmmmmmmmm.

  5. I am obsessed with owls and need one of these! Oooooh I want one.

    Fun post!

  6. Trivets, or hot plates, in various shapes and sizes serve as pads to protect tables, countertops and other surfaces from heated cookware and bakeware that can stain and/or crack surface materials. Although many people typically associate trivets with wrought iron designs, any heat-resistant material such as tile—pieces of ceramic, stone, glass or other materials—can act as a trivet.

  7. How cool are those owels!!!;) you can rock it with jeans and t shirt or a transparent button down and look equally cool and put together!!;)

    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other