Blue Pants & Rain Love

Due to crappy weather, unshaven legs and work being nutso, I'm postponing my Inspiration Monday participation. My plan is to work it out sometime before next week's challenge. This saddens me greatly, because I have a perfect pair of white shorts that I got at Goodwill for $.99 cents.

Instead I will show you these pants that I also got at Goodwill for $.99 cents.

Blue Pants: I found these pants at Goodwill on $.99 cent Sunday. Target donated multiple pairs so there were options in several sizes. I like them as a jeans-alternative. They are full length, but I folded them up to a cropped length so I could show off my favorite boots.

I wore this outfit on Friday. I have been wearing pretty much an identical outfit (pants + sweater/shirt + blazer +boots) since then because the craptastic weather hasn't changed. Have I mentioned the weather sucks yet?

You may (or may not) remember this red striped top. It too was purchased for $.99 cents, which means this pants top combo equals a total of $1.98!

Sorry to complain. In an effort to channel my (new) love for rain I will focus on these movies with happy rain scenes:

1. Singing in the Rain (too obvious)?
2. The Notebook (guilty pleasure).
3. Dirty Dancing (When Swayze breaks the car window..."You're Wild")
4. Garden State (When they yell in the big pit)

Can you think of any others?


  1. ugh, amazing deals! and great movie choices.. it's been raining like crazy lately and it makes me think of garden state haha

    oh, and my captcha thing says horkbo. which makes me laugh. sounds like a fun noice

  2. Do happy rainy TV scenes count? If so, then how about when Jim & Pam from The Office got engaged?

  3. I'm still jealous that they have .99 sundays there. And those pants are a perfect jeans alternative.

  4. You are totally getting your money's worth on those boots, you have worn them so much! And amazing deals on the pants and top!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  5. I need to find out if my local Salvation Army has .99 cent Sundays.
    Favorite rain scenes...
    At the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's when Holly finds no name cat and she and Paul kiss as Moonriver plays in the background.

  6. That stripy top rocks!

    You look gorgeous :-)


  7. You look so cute, but it sucks that it's still raining.

  8. love that striped sweater and gold necklace ... awesome!

  9. Ah well, it's an adorable outfit, i can see why you'd want to recreate it!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. I love those pants! You have inspired me to shop a Goodwill more often. I bought the cutest shirt there for four dollars yesterday, and I got so many compliments on it today. :) Thanks for the inspiration. :)